Aarhus Festival of Contemporary Art 2004 has closed and we would like to thank all the participants,  audiences, and collaborators for their interest in and engagement with Minority Report: Challenging Intolerance in Contemporary Denmark. We will update the website with installation shots from the exhibition in near future. Thank you and welcome to the next Aarhus Festival of Contemporary Art.

Minority Report
has since the exhibition opened on September 25 experienced robberies, property damage, and censorship:

The night between September 24 and 25 2004 – one day before the opening of the show – a 4 x 4 meter large banner produced by the artists Martin Krenn & Oliver Resslers stolen from the facade of The Equestrian Hall. The robbery was reported to the police, which is presently conducting an investigation.

Up until October 15, it was still uncertain whether a poster designed by artists Martin Krenn & Oliver Ressler would be installed in 90 light boxes throughout downtown Aarhus as originally planned. The poster is identical to the stolen banner and both Aarhus Municipality and the company AFA JCDecaux, which administrates the light boxes, refused to mount them due to the poster's use of the EU logo (read more here). In conjunction with the robbery of their banner – and waht they call the censorship of their poster – the artists wrote a press release.

During the first week of the exhibition, damage to artist Morten Goll's “Listening Post to the Danish People" was conducted. The piece was installed in the middle of Aarhus Town Hall Square. The night between October 8 and 9, more damage was conducted towards the piece. The piece is now so damaged that it cannot be shown, but had to be removed.

The night between October 2 and 3, there was a break in into Gallery Tomrum where a video installation by the artists collective Mixrice was installed. Technical equipment and an art video were stolen. The video installation was reinstalled during week 42 and is open daily from 11 am – 4 pm.

The between October 6 and 7, a banner produced by YNKB – Outer Noerrebro Cultural Bureau in collaboration with students from Aarhus Municipal Language Center was stolen from the corner of Nørre Allé and Vesterbro Torv.

Andrea Creutz & Lise Skou's sound installation "Psychological Operations – PSYOP", which was originally installed in Satellite: Kvickly's Café in Bruun's Galleri, is now installed in Station 1: The Equestrian Hall due to complaints from the manager of Kvickly and the café's customers.