Festival Center
Forget all customary expectations of the interior design of the city's cultural center when The Equestrian Hall in Aarhus from September 25 – October 24, 2004, is turned into a multi functional festival center for Aarhus Festival of Contemporary Art 2004. In conjunction with the premiering exhibition Minority Report: Challenging Intolerance in Contemporary Denmark, the building is divided into a series of visually different zones for different activities and events.

Totalproduktion is responsible for the construction of the new and big framework, which has been designed specifically for the exhibition's many venues. Calamus Danmark A/S has sponsored and delivered all AV equipment for the exhibition, providing high quality and reliable service.

IKEA has sponsored furniture and effects. EGE Carpets hass in collaboration with Minority Report's graphic designers from Indonesia, Blank Rover Visual Project, designed and manufactured the unique carpets in the space.

In the Information & Communication Center, material and merchandise relating to the theme of the exhibition is displayed and sold. Here you can find flyers, publications, and material from a large number of associations, organizations, networks, and sponsors. Here you can access different websites, listen til CDs, and watch videos.

In the intimate atmosphere of the Debate and Lounge Zone, Minority Report's lectures, debates, and hearings will take place. Aarhus Festival of Contemporary Art 2004 invites a series of international and national speakers, who will discuss various aspects of Danish immigration and asylum policies, women's conditions, and the multicultural societies of the future.

From the Stage, a series of energetic concerts, performances, and stand-up comedy shows are held, featuring artists and performers who contributes to the debate with humor and nerve. Here you are confronted, surprised, and entertained.

Children holds a central position in the design of the space with the Children's Play Corner. Here the children can play and read children's books from all over the world, while their parents watch the exhibition or socialize in the Café.

The chef team, kiosk katering, prepares multifarious food from all over the world in the Café. kiosk discriminates against no ingredients – well, maybe against those ingredients packaged in buckets with e-numbers on the side! kiosk is fresh, healthy food made from the ground. kiosk is traditions turned modern, good workmanship without borders and the best from the soil, the sea, and the air!

All the zones are tied together by an exceptional art exhibition presenting major international and national names. The exhibition features video and installations as well as photo and digital media. The artists relate to the many aspects of the theme of the exhibition. Here seriousness, humor, and pertinence are mixed with great intensity!