Born 1979 in Herlev, Denmark. Lives in Copenhagen, Denmark, and works internationally
Zaki © Henrik Busk
© Henrik Busk
Zaki is a Copenhagen-based rapper best known for his recently released singles “TRAGISK” and “ONE.” He has worked with many different genres and personalities, which is mirrored in his music. In 2001, he released the critically acclaimed album Musikmozaik, which was inspired by music from all over the world. In spite of its homemade sound, it testifies to his many talents. Zaki is presently working on finishing a new album and has just returned from at trip to Egypt, during which he played with some of the biggest names in the country as well as performing at the Egyptian Opera and by the Pyramids. In addition, DR1 will air a program on him in the fall of 2004. Zaki has toured all of Europe with the Swedish new circus, CIKÖR, and has traveled across the US with FM Einheit from the German band Einstürzenden Neubauten. He is also co-founder of the experimental orchestra ÆTER.
Contribution: Performs during the concert event “Culture in Democracy” on Saturday, October 23, 2004, from 7:30 pm – 3 am in Station 1: The Equestrian Hall, Aarhus.