Founded in 2003. Works in Copenhagen and Aarhus, Denmark, and on the Internet. SHARE YOUR COUNTRY produces and distributes material that advocates greater tolerance and openness
SHARE YOUR COUNTRY, “Laugh at your flag,” 2004. © SHARE YOUR COUNTRY
“I have to – and that's an unconditional injunction – I have to welcome the Other whoever he or she is unconditionally, without asking for a document, a name, a context, or a passport. That is the very first opening of my relation to the Other: to open my space, my home – my house, my language, my culture, my nation, my state, and myself. I don't have to open it, because it is open, it is open before I make a decision about it: then I have to keep it open or try to keep it open unconditionally.” (Jacques Derrida) The political reality in Denmark is characterized by the contempt exhibited by the machinery of power for a pluralistic, humanistic philosophy of life. Increasingly, evident basic principles such as international public law, respect for the individual, and a tolerant view of diversity, irrespective of race, religion, political affiliation, or sexual orientation, are becoming unimportant. The policy conducted by the Danish government tends towards totalitarianism, made concrete through the disregard of diversity, the distrust and stigmatization of minorities, the disdain of knowledge and intellectual capacity and a constant striving for “normalization,” in the sense of an adaptation to the reactionary, introverted nationalism of which the government is an exponent. Today, with the endless, wanton tightenings of migration and legal policies, the unconditional hospitality described by Derrida is extremely far off. The concept of integration has become a euphemism, which is in fact a cloak for demanding assimilation into society and the adoption of diffuse concepts such as “The Danish Values.” The consensus of opinion seems to be that socially related societal problems should be brushed aside as being negative reflections of cultural differences or alternative ways of living, and constantly the drum is beaten for putting forward demands instead of creating possibilities. We are getting to the point where only international, bilateral obligations are in the way of the ultimate objective: intellectual standardization and a hermetically sealed Denmark! For more info, please visit:

Contribution: SHARE YOUR COUNTRY contributes with two new projects for Minority Report. On October 20, 2004, from 3 – 4 pm in Satellite: Aarhus Town Hall Square, Aarhus, SHARE YOUR COUNTRY presents “From: Aarhus W To: Aarhus C – parade for fast cars and loud music," a project in two parts done in collaboration with ÅVP (Aarhus West Players) and car owners from the Gellerup area. All the project's participants will drive in cortege from Gellerup towards Aarhus Town Hall Square where ÅVP will give a concert, performing among other songs a song written to the Town Hall politicians. On October 23, 2004, from 3 pm – 12 am, SHARE YOUR COUNTRY will install a stand in Station 1: The Equestrian Hall, Aarhus, from which they will hand out different kinds of material and information prepared in co-operation with people and associations who actively work against standardization and for greater openness and tolerance.