Born in South Africa. Lives and works in London, United Kingdom, and Malmoe, Sweden
Sarat Maharaj was born in South Africa and educated in one of the segregated universities of the Apartheid era. He is Art History Research Professor at Goldsmiths College, University of London, and Professor of Visual Art and Knowledge Systems at Lund University, Sweden (2003). He will be at the Wissenshaftskolleg (Institute of Advanced Studies) in Berlin, Germany (2005). Maharaj was the first Rudolf Arnheim Professor at Humboldt University, Berlin (2001-02), and Research Fellow at the Jan Van Eyck Akademie, Maastricht, The Netherlands (1999-2001). He has curated extensively and was a co-curator on the Documenta 11 team (Kassel, Germany, 2002). Maharaj's work is on cultural translation and the ethics of difference and diversity and on visual art as knowledge production – with an interest in its neuro-epistemic dimensions and consciousness studies. Selected writings on visual art as knowledge production include: “Avidya: 'Non-Knowledge' Production in the Scene of Visual-Arts Practice” (Vienna, 2000); “'Xeno-epistemics': makeshift kit for visual art as knowledge production” (Kassel, 2002); “Critique of First Person Consciousness” (with Francisco Varela) (Milan, 2003); and “Unfinishable Sketch for an Object in 4D: Scenes of Art Research” (Amsterdam, Japan, and India, 2004). Selected writings on cultural translation and difference – the “critique of multicultural reason” include: “'Perfidious Fidelity': The Untranslatability of the Other” (London, 1993); “Modernity & Difference” (with Stuart Hall) (London, 2001); “Arachne's Genre: intercultural studies and textile art” (London, 1991; New York, 1993; Toronto, 1998); “Xeno-epistemics: sounding visual arts and knowledge production and the retinal regimes” (Berlin, 2002); and “Pidginy Linguish, proto-pratter, Ur-creole: sounding the Dictionnaire Élémentaire on cultural translation” (Berlin, 2004). Writings on Marcel Duchamp, Richard Hamilton, and James Joyce include: “A Monster of Veracity, a Crystalline Transubstantiation” (MIT, 1996); “Dogmestic Borderations” (Venice Biennale, 1993); “'A Liquid, Elemental Scattering': RH & MD” (Tate, 1992); and “A Double-cressing Visible Grammar: Around and About the work of Aliegiero e Boetti” (DIA, 1997; New York, 2004). Editorial publications with the Documenta 11 team include: Democracy Unrealized (Vienna and Berlin, 2002-03); “Experiments with Truth” (New Delhi, 2002-03); “Creolite & Creolization” (St. Lucia, 2002-03); “Cities Under Siege” (Lagos, 2002-03); and “Urban Imaginaries from Latin America” (2002-03).
Contribution: Participates with the essay “Dislocutions: Interim Entries for a Dictionnaire Élémentaire on Cultural Translation” in Station 4: The Book.