Project group based in Seoul, Korea
© Mixrice
Mixrice, “Before Going Back_Kyaw ne Aung,” 2002. © Mixrice
Mixrice is the name of a project group, which supports foreign migrant workers' cultural activities in Korea. When Mixrice first started, the focus was on how to overcome the feelings of pity often felt in relation to foreign workers; an attitude and viewpoint, which the media repeatedly presents and reproduces. We found this humanistic viewpoint to be undesirable, as it tends to over-simplify problems or to focus the issues on a dimension of proxy experiences. Strengthened by the psychologically closed nature of Korean middle class society, this viewpoint fixes the images of migrant workers in Korea in the mirror. Through the format of the video diary, Mixrice attempts to give means to foreign workers to speak about their experiences and what is on their mind from their own perspective. Through these fragments of documentaries, viewers experience a vivid confrontation with the existence in the mirror. Mixrice consists of four artists: Son, Hye-Min; Im, Heung-Soon; Jang, Cho Ennji; Cho, Ji-Eun; and thirty migrant workers. Mixrice can be contacted at: B1 192-21 Kwanhun-dong, Chongro-gu, Seoul, Korea 110-300, t: +82 2 734 2067, f: +82 2 733 9636, e: sweetcje@hanmail.net, hyemin_s@hotmail.com.
Contribution: Participates in Satellite: Gallery Tomrum, Aarhus, with “Mixrice Channel – A Marquee Theatre," 2003-04. The project consists of four videos: 1) “Human life is a fight and fight is a human life," 2004. Video, 27:30 min.; 2) “Mixlanguage," 2004. Video, 3:30 min.; 3) “Burma Action," 2004. Video, 29 min.; and 4) “Why willing to Kick out old friends," 2003. Video, 20 min. Courtesy Mixrice.