Independent association founded in 1944. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, with additional regional chapters
Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke (The Danish Association for International Co-operation) is an independent association that works for understanding and solidarity across borders, skin color, and party politics. The vision of the Danish Association for International Co-operation is a world of peace, in which co-operation between people promotes global justice and secures better conditions for poor and marginalized. The Danish Association for International Co-operation has worked with the question of minorities in Denmark for many years and passed in October 2003 the program Fellow Citizenship in a Multicultural Society. The Danish Association for International Co-operation finds that Denmark ought to perceive of itself as a multicultural society, and take the consequences of this. According to The Danish Association for International Co-operation, this is best done by means of a pluralistic strategy of integration. The goal is not to assimilate newcomers into the Danish nation, nor to attribute to them one of the competing versions of “Danishness.” The goal is rather to accept them as valid citizens of Denmark. For more info, please visit:
Contribution: Participates with the conference “Norms for Citizenship” on Sunday, October 17, 2004, from 10 am – 7 pm in Station 1: The Equestrian Hall, Aarhus. The conference, which The Danish Association for International Co-operation has organized in collaboration with artist Morten Goll, sets forth to develop a set of norms for citizenship in multiethnic Denmark, which considers differences in background as well as values. The goal is to develop a concluding document, which can subsequently be circulated nationally. The community organizations ANTAST – Anti-Authoritarian Socialists, The Boxing Club Aarhus, Forening for moské og islamisk kulturcenter i Århus, GLO – Gymnasieelevernes Landsorganisation, and Somali Women Organization will present and discuss their individual norm proposals during the conference.