Founded in 1986.The committee is based in Copenhagen, Denmark, but works all over the country
Komitéen Flygtninge Under Jorden (The Committee Refugees Underground) works actively to secure that the rights of refugees, according to Danish law and international conventions, are respected by the Danish immigration and asylum policy authorities. The committee offers juridical counseling to unlawfully dismissed asylum seekers, which yearly leads to 10-15 reversals in cases of asylum and humanitarian residence permits. Thus, we correct the mistakes made by the Danish immigration and asylum policy authorities – intentionally as well as unintentionally. For further information, please contact the committee's spokes woman Helle Bliddal at t: +45 36 17 70 22 or e: Komiteen.fuj@get2net.dk.
Contribution: Participates in Station 2: Aarhus Art Building, Aarhus, with “Some say it's according to the stories,” 2004. Sound work produced in collaboration with artists Runo Lagomarsino & Johan Tirén, dimensions variable. Courtesy of Komitéen Flygtninge Under Jorden and Runo Lagomarsino & Johan Tirén. The project is a sound work based on interviews with people connected to refugee politics in contemporary Denmark. An additional version of the work will simultaneously be installed in a number of the international Eurolines busses on the rute between Aalborg-Aarhus-Berlin for the duration of the exhibition.