Born 1932 in Understed, Denmark. Lives in Viborg and works in Herning, Denmark
I was Assistant Doctor on the Faroe Islands from 1964-65. Off work, I had time for a few documentary films in co-operation with the optician in Tórshavn. Later on, I worked seven years as practitioner, partly in Småland, Sweden, partly in Jutland, Denmark. After a summer class in family therapy in London, United Kingdom, in 1973, there was no way around psychiatry and I thus became a specialized doctor in 1979. After eleven years as consultant psychiatrist at a psychiatric hospital ward, I felt like working in the private sector. A publicly employed hospital psychiatrist necessarily works both for his patient and towards the order of the community. Working in the private sector, you only have one employer. For the past twelve years, I have worked together with three psychologists in a private clinic. Upon my retirement in 2002, I have reduced the amount of working hours. In 1995, my play about psychiatry, Karpedammen, with Henning Palner in the main role, premiered. My book of memoirs, Vanviddets veje, has just been published by the publishing company Gyldendal.
Contribution: Participates with the short story “Ethnocentrism” in Station 4: The Book.