Born 1968 in Skagen, Denmark. Lives and work in Aarhus and Copenhagen, Denmark
© Jan Falk Borup
Jan Falk Borup, “Are you afraid now?,” 2004. © Jan Falk Borup
Jan Falk Borup has studied Fine Arts (Bachelor level) at Middlesex University in London, United Kingdom, and will be finishing his postgraduate studies at The Jutland Academy of Fine Arts, Aarhus, in 2005. He is involved in political affairs and is a board member of UKK (The Association for Young Artists and Art Mediators in Denmark). Additionally, he is a board member of Kunstnernes Påskeudstilling (The Artists' Easter Exhibition), Aarhus, and of the Artists' Easter Exhibition's Cultural Fund. He is also a member of the Culture Network for Younger Artists and the founding member of Border Disorder, a West-Balkan/Nordic network of young artists. Furthermore, Borup is the initiator of aarhus.nu, a website for contemporary art in Aarhus and environs. Borup has participated in a number of exhibitions in Denmark and abroad. Projects on the web: www.aarhus.nu and www.pleasesendmoney.net. At www.janfalkborup.net, you can find more information.
Contribution: Participates in Station 1: The Equestrian Hall, Aarhus, with “Are you afraid now?,” 2004. Video, loop. Courtesy of the artist. About his project for Minority Report, Borup states: “At the same time as the public debate about immigration politics and integration has intensified, a new order has emerged: the ethnic hierarchy. What is the effect on ethnic Danes of living in a society that is described as alienated and broken up? Does it disturb their everyday life? Do they position themselves differently within society? Are they afraid?”