Born in Iran. Lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark
© Farrokh Jafari
Open hearing in PPEL, Copenhagen, 2004. © Farrokh Jafari
Farrokh Jafari graduated as an Electro-Engineer from Danmarks Ingeniørakademi, Lyngby, Denmark, in 1991, and is a founding member, and presently Chairman, of the association PPEL - Progressive Platform for Ethnic Equality. PPEL is a political non-governmental organization, which struggles for ethnic equality through democratic means and its active members. The association takes the word "platform" very seriously and strives to create a base for constructive collaborations between people of different political affiliation, ethnicity, and gender. Despite the fact that PPEL is a new association, it has already distinguished itself through several newspaper articles and member meetings on racism and integration. The members of the association intend to continue the development of critical and alternative (to the dominant) opinions on these issues, until the goal is achieved. Jafari came to Denmark in 1984 as a political refugee from Iran. He has since then continued his political work in, among others, the Danish Red-Green Alliance Party, both as a local politician in the Østerbro district council (1996-97) and as a candidate for the City Council in Copenhagen and for the Danish Parliament. His political engagement has in recent years focused on anti-discrimination work, emphasizing the organization of ethnic minorities in this work. Parallel to this, Jafari has worked towards the differentiation of the debate on values in Denmark, where reactionary values, both amongst the majority and the minorities, are fought against in an attempt to replace them with universal values of human rights.
Contribution: Participates in the debate "The Development of a Tight Danish Immigration and Integration Policy: What Characterizes the Legislation and Practice Surrounding Immigrants and Minorities in Denmark and Why Has It Become Tighter?" on Thursday, October 21, 2004, from 7 - 10 pm in Station 1: The Equestrian Hall, Aarhus. Jafari also participates as co-organizer of the debate workshop “BACK TO THE 'GHETTO' OR ......KICKED OUT! WHY THE HETZ AGAINST 'GHETTOS'?," Sunday, October 10, 2004, from 12 - 6 pm in Satellite: Beboerhuset LADEN, Brabrand. The workshop will investigate whether great concentrations of ethnic minorities are a problem or an advantage and who regards them as an advantage and a problem respectively.