Born in Panama. Lives and works in Aarhus, Denmark, and Latin America
© Eric R. Fajardo
Eric R. Fajardo, “Homeland,” 2004. © Eric R. Fajardo
Eric R. Fajardo is a visual artist, who graduated from Escuela Nacional de Artes Plasticas (ENAP), Panama, and The Jutland Academy of Fine Arts in Aarhus. He works with a range of modes of expression and his work unfold in the field between installation, image, text, ceramics, photography, video, and object. Fajardo takes his starting point in social, cultural, and political themes. In his work, he embraces time and space and draws parallels to the people who inhabit the scenery of his work. Fajardo has participated in a large number of exhibitions in Denmark and abroad.
Contribution: Participates with the montage “Citizen” in Station 4: The Book. In conjunction with Minority Report, he also presents the exhibition I Dream In Spite of Everything in Satellite: Etcétere Exhibition Space, Aarhus.