Both live and work in Los Angeles, USA
Juli Carson is Assistant Professor in the Department of Art at UCI – University of California Irvine, USA, where she teaches critical theory and contemporary art. She is also Director of the University Art Gallery at UCI. Recent publications include: “Dematerialisms: The Non-Dialectics of Yves Klein,” in Francois Perrin, Air Architecture, Los Angeles: MAK Center, 2004; “On Critics, Sublimation, and the Drive: The Photographic Paradoxes of the Subject,” in Art: Sublimation or Symptom, ed. Parveen Adams, New York: The Other Press, 2003; “Two Walls: 1989,” in Surface Tension, ed. Brandon Labelle et. al., Los Angeles: Errant Bodies Press, 2003; and “On Discourse as Monument: The New Museum and Feminist Problematics,” in Alternative Art New York, 1965-85, ed. Julie Ault, Minneapolis: Minnesota Press, 2002. She is currently completing a book manuscript on recent neo-conceptual art practice entitled The Moebius Effect: The Conceptual Unconscious in Contemporary Art. She is also the founding editor of Vel Press, which will soon release a volume by Saul Anton entitled “Warhol's Dream.”

Lindi Emoungu began her study of post-structuralism and post-colonialism at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, (1988-95). She continued her study at the Whitney Museum of American Art Independent Studies Program in New York, USA, where she wrote “Tentatively Tarantino” in collaboration with Juli Carson. She is now an independent artist and writer.
Contribution: Participate with the essay “The Trouble with Fanon” in Station 4: The Book.