Born 1970 in Vestbjerg, Denmark. Lives and works in Aalborg and Aarhus, Denmark
© Astrid Winsløw Hammer
Astrid Winsløw Hammer, “DK,” 2004. © Astrid Winsløw Hammer
Astrid Winsløw Hammer works as an artist and is studying at The Jutland Academy of Fine Arts in Aarhus, expecting to graduate in 2005. With idea based, non-media, specific art projects which take their starting point in critical contextual thinking, Hammer positions herself artistically within the field of activist art. Hammer sees Danish society as being built upon an idea of welfare and national sentiment and anchoring, based on equal rights for everyone, which in turn has produced a homogeneity perceived to be the norm. This norm, which is capable of bringing together the Danes as a people, simultaneously excludes anyone who does not fit in, be it for social, ethnic, or religious reasons. Contact:
Contribution: Participates in Station 1: The Equestrian Hall, Aarhus, with “The Danish Welfare Guide,” 2004. A5 publication, 500 copies and A2 posters, 500 copies. Courtesy of the artist. The publication is available in The Equestrian Hall's Information and Communication Center and contains an analysis of the Danish welfare model in an attempt to describe the mechanisms that cause the exclusion of certain parts of the population. The publication is simultaneously distributed in various local institutions in Aarhus and announced on posters in the public spaces of the city.