Born 1951 in Somalia. Lives and works in Aarhus, Denmark
My name is Ambara Hashii Nur. I am originally from Somalia. I am 53 years old. I have five children: four girls and one boy. My eldest daughter is living in Africa. The rest of my children and my husband are living with me in Denmark. I have a BA in Political Science and am presently working for Aarhus Municipality as a coordinator. I am also the coordinating contact person in the Somali Women Organization, founded in Aarhus by a group of refugee Somali women in the early 1990s. Finding the democratic, socio-political, and organizational challenges and opportunities in Denmark to be both demanding and interesting, they concluded that there was a need for an organization, which would not only support its members' understanding of the complexity and dynamics of Danish society, but genuinely empower and strengthen them in order for them to positively contribute to these challenges. The main activities of the Somali Women Organization include organizing Somali women and their families; conducting debates, festivities, social gatherings, and conferences (national and international); and preventing and combating FGM – Female Genital Mutilation.
Contribution: Participates in the women's hearing “Take Off Your Veils, We Have Chosen Our Silicone Implants Ourselves!” on Saturday, October 16, 2004, from 3 – 7 pm in Station 1: The Equestrian Hall, Aarhus.