Hip-hop band. Based in Malmoe, Sweden
Advance Patrol © United Stage, Stockholm
© Kristian Kristensen and United Stage, Stockholm
Advance Patrol is one of Sweden's weightiest hip-hop bands. The band consists of Gonza Blatteskånska, Magyver Juan, Rock-A-Spot, and DJ Lucutz; all from Lindängen and Kroksbäck in Malmoe, but with roots in Chile and Bolivia. Advance Patrol appeared on the hip-hop album Ordkrig and hit the bull's eye with the dance floor hit “Vem vill hem.” Advance Patrol also participated in the huge Swedish hip-hop tour Babylon By Bus last summer. The group's first single “Para Ti” is a latino influenced party hip-hop track produced by Masse (the man behind, among other things, Fattaru's “Mina hundar”). The second single, “Vi E Dom,” was released in the beginning of March. On the album Utskrivna, the tracks are produced by Masse Salazar in the Redline Studios and by Moe (from Spotrunnaz) for Breakmecanix in The Penthouse. The third single “Jag Finns Här Med Er Nu,” which contained a guest appearance by Castelo from Prominent, was released in May.
Contribution: Was scheduled to perform on Friday, October 1, 2004, in Station 1: The Equstrian Hall, Aarhus, but has cancelled because of illness.